New Guild MST

I started a new guild last night called (MST) Mystery Science Theater. I cussed, I begged and I asked nicely and a bunch of decent people showed up and helped me get it made. I've wanted this guild for a while so thanks for putting up with my nerdiness and helping out!

For those of you who have never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000 I highly recommend you check it out. One of my favorite episodes is Fugitive Aliens.

(MST) Mystery Science Theater

  1. Just a group of players trapped aboard the Satellite of Love forced to watch cheesy movies by mad scientist.
  1. Player must speak fluent English and be level 10 or above.
Custom Ranks?
  1. Yes. All players are entitled to a custom rank of their choice. Message a leader to receive yours after joining.
  1. Orcface
  2. Skruf
  1. All members
  1. Monday - Raid Night
    We group up and raid some of the harder mobs and bosses in Endless such as the Ancient Wraith room or dragons.

  2. Tuesday - EXP Night
    We group up and run repeatable quest or target mobs to gain as much EXP as we can for the night.

  3. Wednesday - Shenanigans Night
    We get together to pull off some whacky shenanigans such as blocking places, nude/costume parties and more! These shenanigans will be filmed. You have been warned.

  4. Thursday - Arena/PK Night
    We get together to compete in the Arena or dominate in the PK zones of Endless Online.

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