Endless Online Updates 04/02/13

Baru Crafting and a new Daily Quest
A new shop has been added in Endless Online next to the jewelry shop in Aeven where you can craft the previously discontinued Baru and Baruta armors. To craft these armors you'll need a male or female Oron armor depending on your sex and 40 Baru Flock.

You can get Baru Flock by completing a daily quest located in the desert. Once you're in the desert head up to the house in the far upper left / Northwest corner and speak with the Baru Sheppherd to begin the quest. He'll ask you to bring him 5 ice gems and 5 ice cubes on account of it being so hot in the desert.

Obviously, the ice caves are packed, relatively, between botters and questers alike. You'll need some luck collecting!

You'll only receive one Baru Flock upon completing the quest. The item is lore so it's impossible to trade for more to speed up the pace. Looks like it'll take a full fourty days to craft a baru. Let's hope it's not an April Fools prank when we go to turn it in!

Hitaru's Potion Shop Moved!
Hitaru's potion shop in Estaq / Stronghold has been moved to a new building located directly behind the Estaq Inn. In his old shop a new NPC named Shady Stefano is roaming around. It appears Stefano is quest related by looking at the pub files but I haven't found any quest related to the NPC yet. When and IF I do i'll post it up. The quest might not come until next update, never know.

New NPC and Area Inside the Castle
A new NPC is in the castle. Simply follow the stairs down(past the arenas) and you'll see the Prisoner kept in the new castle prison? No interaction is available with the NPC but I gather he is quest related. If I find any quest related to him later on I'll post it. As to where the shop went that was down here previously I have no idea. The old hidden warp to the area from the goat farm still works and will take you inside the prison. Simply walk through a fake part of the wall and you'll be ported outside of the arena entrance.

The Population is Picking Back up!
It seems the population of EO is ever so slowly gaining steam towards the days of old. Can't remember the last time I logged in to see the square actually packed with people.

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