News 08/01/11

Stick it to the man!
As many of you know, "Arglona" in-game is in direct contact with the admin(s). He/She is now taking ideas, complaints and updating players on new events concerning Endless Online via MSN. If you'd like to have some say in the future of EO don't hesitate to speak up and help shape the game. Add to your friends list.

Endless Online News/Review
Endless Online is back up and running on "" port "8079". All character levels, banks and lockers were wiped. Items on your character's paper doll were not wiped, so if you had some decent gear on you're in luck! With the wipe came new content. Several new quest and map updates have been added in-game. Head over to the Quest Guide section of the blog for more details!


Level restrictions have been implemented into the game for certain items and areas. It may seem a little brutal at first but it's not unbearable if you try to find a decent balance between grinding away XP and going through the quest, many of which are repeatable. More quest are on the way according to Arglona, which will make it even easier. I've posted a small list below of the new restrictions.

A new command and kill limit was added to the game as well. Type "#kills" to see that status of your allotted 4000 kills per day. This is an effort to help root out "bots" from the game as well as several changes in how the server handles packets between the player. If you've hit the limit (which is pretty high, you shouldn't until you're a higher level) you'll stop gaining XP off kills. Not to worry though! You can still gain XP at this point by completing quest.

Area/Map Level Restrictions
Leave Tutorial Island - Level 4
Aeven - Level 5
Aeven Port - Level 6
Malone Outlet Path - Level 7
Castle/Skywonder Path - Level 8
Ice Mountain/Ice Caves - Level 10
North New Swamp/Vines/Tenbas - Level 18
Biters Under Grocery - Level 16
Hall of Pain - Level 20

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