Lowered XP, Quest Reset

It seems a new area has been added to the game that is quest related. Head over to the Old Swamp and in the NE corner of the map you'll see an entirely new cave entrance along with several new NPC. This area can be entered only while doing the Pjedro's Son quest.

XP for several monsters has been lowered. Pirates and sheep now give a considerably less amount of XP. Quest were reset as well. This is in response to players who had already completed quest with item rewards who lost them during the wipe. You'll now have a chance at AW and Monkey Island again without having to remake your character.

Don't forget this wipe gives you a chance to complete several quest you may have already done for some easy XP such as Aeven Sewers or Captain Boots. Head over to the Quest Guide if you need any details for the quest.

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