News 7/30/11

Endless Online
Today players over level 10 were set back to level 10. New level restrictions have been added to access more maps throughout the game. Experience and spawn rates of several monsters have been lowered. Several new quest were added in-game and have been added to the Quest Guide section of this blog.

A new command was added to the game. Type in #KILLS. This command informs you the x amount of kills you've gotten out of 4000 allotted to you per day. If you get over 4k kills in a day you will stop earning experience. You can still gain experience from completing quest at this point. Also, level restrictions have been added to some scrolls. For instance you must be level 25 to use a Scroll of Ancient now. I'll post more on the matter soon.


Level Restrictions
Leave Tutorial Island - Level 4
Aeven - Level 5
Aeven Port - Level 6
Malone Outlet Path - Level 7
Castle/Skywonder Path - Level 8
Ice Mountain/Ice Caves - Level 10
North New Swamp/Vines/Tenbas - Level 18
Biters Under Grocery - Level 16
Hall of Pain - Level 20

Spawn Rate Changes
Biters now have a reduced spawn rate.
Tenbas and Bales now have a reduced spawn rate.

*more to come

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