Blog Updates!!@!@!!!@!

I've noticed the traffic has increased dramatically as a wave of new and old players flock back to Endless Online. I thought I'd do you viewers justice by updating/adding more to the blog. Check back over the next several days to see more!

Whats updated/added so far?
- Added more items to the Items w/Stats page.
- Added several new video guides.
- Added several new quest to the Quest guide page.
- Added more information to the Chest page.

Endless Online is back? But I can't login!
Endless Online is up and running again. If you're having troubles connecting please double check your configuration in the setup. Change the server to '' and set the port to '8079'.

Only a few official announcements have been made on the Endless Online homepage so far about the future of the game but rumors and trolling are abundant within community forums. Take my advice and just enjoy playing while the server is online and take anything you hear from others players with a grain of salt.

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