Common Sense Safety

As a member of this wonderful community you've 'prolly seen it's true colors more often than you like. Maybe you've tried logging in one day to see your password was changed or all your characters stripped and deleted? Maybe you were trying to sell that "must have" sword and by the end of the trade walked away with a rat tail and 1g instead of 10k? The sad thing is you could have easily avoided this if you'd taken the extra care to apply what us geniuses know as "common sense". Don't worry, I'll clue you in.

Your Account and Character
Firstly, don't give away your account details for any reason. Regardless of how promising it sounds, whoever is asking for them shouldn't be. No admin or moderator will ever ask you for them within or outside of the game. No hacker is going to login to your account and dupe your items. No, no and no.

Secondly, don't name your character the same thing as your account name. It makes it extremely easy for others to try cracking your password. See "Does Account Exsist" to see just how easy it is for a cracker to tell if they're on the right path. I suggest naming your account something entirely unrelated to yourself or character. If your character is named Narutofan don't name your account Naruto101, got it?

Thirdly, from the navigation menu select and read "Common Passwords". If you're on the list it's time to change your password. Try making it long in length containing both letters and numbers. Don't forget to write it down and stick it in your wallet or purse so we don't have to hear about you whining you forgot what you changed it to.

Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers, Adware
The most common way for your PC to become infected with a virus, trojan or keylogger is by downoading and executing files. These day you don't necessarily even have to download the program, they can be downloaded and executed remotely by simply visiting the wrong website. It's important to take caution and regular care to avoid these.

Firstly, download and install some sort of anti-virus and anti-malware software. There are quiet a few decent options available for free that are pretty damn good. Personally, I run AVG and Malwarebytes. You can Google them and have them installed in seconds(they have free versions).

Secondly, don't forget you have these programs! Run scans with them on a regular basis, scan EVERY file you download before running it and be sure to check for updates to these scanners often. If you don't have the latest set of detection rules, something may slip in without so much as a whisper.

Thirdly, don't be a sucker. If it sounds too good to be true then forget it. There are many "hacks" out there you can download and use that'll 'prolly cause you no harm, but all it takes is downloading just that one that does cause harm to end it all for you. Besides, with a little effort the majority of these hacks can easily be recreated by yourself using a cheat engine or trainer maker.

Fourthly(is that a fucking word?), updates are important! Browsers, games and operating system updates all have a common purpose amongst them. Can you guess? To fix security issues! Don't get jacked by last weeks news.

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