Ghost into NPC

Please consider the player rules and guidelines posted at

Have you ever wanted to stand inside the priest of Aeven at the church and make him say inappropriate thing? Maybe the door to get inside the moles or haunted house is being blocked by someone who refuses to kill a monster they've placed in front of it. Worry not my fair people, for my horrible skills with MSPaint will solve your woes.

You can also use proxies to ghost through an NPC. For example people using EOStarProxy simply type in the commands "#nowall" and walk into the NPC.


  1. Do you hold f12 or repeatedly press it?

  2. If you're using EOStarProxy, use #nowall and walk into them.

  3. I repeatedly press it myself. When holding it down I've never had any luck in getting it to work. Also, I linked your Proxy here Plasmastar.