Bow Hunter's Tip

Playing with a bow in Endless Online has many benefits. For example it takes less time to attack a target and the distance between you and the target saves health points. Some of you may have noticed this already, but for those who haven't this little trick can help a lot.

Now we already know when you hit a monster on its backside you do more damage(in general 10-15 more). But when a monster is hit with a bow on the backside, it will turn to face you. As soon as the monster turns the damage generally goes back to the usual 'front damage'. But you may have noticed sometimes it doesn't.

The trick is, you must time it so you get two shots off into the monster's back before it turns around. If you can do that, it'll take 'back damage' for 10 damage or more EVEN AFTER it turns to face you, it will maintain this damage as long as you maintain your distance and do not get hit byt the monster. Getting hit by the monster after starting this method will reduce the damage to the normal 'front damage'. Once you get the hang of it on whatever mob your hunting it sure saves alot of time and health potions.

So, let us review...

Step 1. Gain a distance of 5 or so tiles from your monster.

Step 2. Wait for it to move then IMMEDIATELY shoot it twice in the back. We wait for right after the monster has moved because if you hit it just before it decides to move you won't get off two shots in it's back before it comes at you.

Step 3. Notice, once it turns around and moves at you it's taking the same damage it would as if you were still hitting it in the back.

Step 4. I can haz cheezeburgerz now?

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